Grassroots Foundation is a not for profit organization that was incorporated under the Act of Parliament No.77 of 2009.It was initiated by the concerned group of committed activists from civil society, business, government servants and politicians, faith communities and Social Service movements. Our Foundation is built on a commitment to alleviate poverty and uphold the democratic values of equality, justice and respect for human rights.

The Council founded as a result of a Peace Forum to end the bloody separatist war in Sri Lanka and its activities based on recognition and respect for the Multi cultural, Multi Ethnic and Multi religious Society of Lanka.
Grassroots Foundation was registered under the Ministry of Social Services NGO Registration Act (No. FL-130606)


Major Activities of Grassroots Foundation
* Mobilizing & Empowering Local Communities
* Provding Advice, Skills Training, Resource
* Assistance For Community Development And Livelihood
* Assistance for Internally Displaced People. (IDPS)
* Community Rehabilitation and Empowerment
* Helping to Rebuild Livelihoods
* Creating income generation activities for displaced and under privileged
* Providing Clean Drinking Water & Sanitation
* Supporting Peace Program
* Promoting Social Justice
* Promoting Racial Harmony & Unity
* Education Through Building Primary Schools

Grassroots Foundation recently incorporated as a charitable Foundation by a Act of Parliment No 77 of 2009.

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