Current Status

Approximately 70,000 civilians have fled from the LTTE controlled areas into the safe zones and camps established by the government of Sri Lanka according to government sources. At present, there are 16 camps set up in Vavuniya and Trincomalee to accommodate these people and the government agencies are preparing to prove necessary basic food and health care needs of these people. Civilians from the surrounding areas and the southern provinces, along with the nongovernmental organizations are providing the immediate food requirements, but none food relief items, medical supplies and nutrients are major requirements yet to be filled.

Approximately 300,000 civilians who are internally displaced are provided basic food, healthcare and temporary shelter by the state, and a approximately 30,000 more civilians are expected to be rescued and accommodated in the safe zones in the coming few weeks.

given the situation in the field. Indicated below is the best information available to us from government agencies and UN Agencies who operate in these areas at present.

We believe that it is our responsibility to help in the rescue mission of a very vulnerable section of Sri Lankans, and hope that you will assist us in this effort. Having consulted government authorities such as the Government Agent's in the areas where camps for the displaced people are set up in Vavuniya and Trincomalee, Ministry of Health and UNICEF, we have planned an emergency response initiative to provide supplied needed for the displaced families and camps, and appeal to you to help us provide the supplies listed underneath.

You may contribute towards the purchase of the items by credit card or bank transfer for which the details are provided.

We will update you on the current situation and how and where Grassroots have assisted through our web site ....