Establishment of two Pre-Schools in Hambantota District.

Children are considered as the greatest national resource of any country. They are the future human resources who build the future of the Nation. Today the world is adjusting itself as a Global Village, it is marching forward with new inventions and victories based on future thinking, wisdom and vision. Therefore providing a early childhood care is the basis through which education could promote the development of a balance personality. “Early Childhood” period starts from the per-natal level up to the end of 5 years when the child begins the formal education. Every child born to the society is entitled to certain human rights, such as the right to live, right to be protected, right to be healthy and the right to participate as a social being. As a Nations which emphasis on Free Education for all Grassroots Foundation has ventured into uplifting of EDCUATION in Hambantota District.

Hambantota, a southern coastal district of Sri Lanka is one of the most neglected, under-served, economically deprived and least developed district. The Tsunami which hit the Island on 26 th December 2004 has resulted in immense suffering, social dislocation, and economic deprivation in the Hambantota district and has caused further exacerbated its economic and social conditions. Grassroots Foundation has been actively seeking to assist the poor, under privileged and down trodden citizens in the Hambantota district has funded 2 Pre-School projects, which was proposed under the Jana Suwaya Economic and Social Rejuvenation Fund.

The Two Pre-Schools are located in Weriyagama and Kodigala area in which a population of 45000 resides. During the Tsunami devastation 58 families in this area perished. This is the first Pre-Schools build in these areas as the existing schools did not have any pre-school facilities and the teaching was done in homes or the temple and there was a great demand for a establishment from the villagers. The two pre-schools are built in the Temple premises in order to combine the daily education activities with the Sunday school teachings as well. Both institutions currently teach 25 children per school ranging from ages 2 – 5 years and have two teachers per school.

Grassroots Foundation held the opening ceremony on the 09 th April 2007 and handed over the completed Pre-Schools to the villagers.