Devastation to coastal villages

Rescue efforts and treatment of the injured is beyond the government and the people, whilst trying to prevent the spread of disease will require the biggest medical mission this country has ever seen. To prevent the waterborne epidemics due to shattered water supply in these affected areas is going to be even more horrendous. The country’s medical supplies have been exhausted. Supplies had to be flown in along with medical teams. There is also shortage of food & medicine in the affected areas. Only a few houses being built to move those in the camps.

The Shock from the Waves

For Sri Lankans, the season of joy, celebrating the birth of Christ and heralding the birth of the New Year, was marred by death and the unbearable feeling of utter loss


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Sea of Deaths

Beach Resorts Hit

Tsunami causes Sea of Deaths

Tiny Island of Sri Lanka the Worst hit after Aceh

Giant tidal killer waves have decimated whole villages, destroyed building, hospital and public offices and washed away a complete hotel.

Death toll has shot over 50,000 and staggering 800,000 people displaced has shocked the world. One of the worst Earth Quake’s has brought insurmountable loss of life and destruction of catastrophic proportions.

The tragedy is beyond comprehension