Farmers from Kalpitiya area in the Puttalam district are crushed from two sides; by the exorbitant cost of production, and by artificially low prices they get from the wholesale buyers for their products.

Even the actual profit made from several months of labor is hardly incentive to continue farming and some move to the city in search of better venues of trade, but rather find them to become destitute. These farmers produce their crops without any harmful chemicals and are aiming at producing 100% organic fresh vegetables and fruits.

Grassroots hopes to change this cycle by setting up a distribution channel where these farmers can get a better price for their crops.The main objective being that their output of crops will be brought down to Colombo and will be sold, with the profits being sent back to the farmers.This would be to see the farming community of the entire country to be able to lead and conduct a lucrative well organized quality farm.